Rosita Piña Flores, the Peruvian tiktoker who stole thousands of soles

Pink Pineapple Flower, 58 years old, is an apparently charming woman with a unique charisma. She shows it like that in her videos TikTok in which he appears dancing and singing various popular musical themes. But behind her would be a criminal history that has put her in the crosshairs of the National Police and the Public Ministry.

“If the person has a capacity of 80 thousand or 100 thousand soles, he will do it. As in this case, for example, one of the aggrieved was emptied of all that she had, which was about 40,000 soles, ”said Colonel PNP Jose Manuel Cruzformer head of the Scam Divisionto Fourth Estate.

According to the journalistic report, the main piece of this scam gear is the company Mega Store Pineapple EIRL, which she herself created on September 17, 2022 with a capital of 16,830 soles. In the public records Its business object is hardware, purchase and sale of liquor and even the preparation of technical files, but all this would only be a facade.

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According to the Fraud Division of the Dirincrithe true purpose of Mega Store Piña EIRL is to be the “receiver” of thousands of soles obtained illegally, after emptying the accounts of various people, whose cell phones were first stolen in order to access their bank applications.

After having the cell phone in his possession, he managed to obtain the user’s internet password from the bank account to transfer all the money to Mega Store Piña EIRL, through the Service Payments option.


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