Suddenly, the ground gave way under the feet of the spectators! This Saturday, January 21, the rapper NeS gave a concert at the Maison de la Radio, in Paris, as part of the Hyper Weekend Festival organized by Radio France. Suddenly, the floor tiles of the concert hall gave way under the weight of the dancing public: “Everyone started jumping and dancing”, reports a witness in an interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien”. She continues: “Everything stops suddenly, the sound. The rapper says: ‘It’s okay, there were no injuries?’ Two minutes later, there is someone from security who says: ‘Here, there was an accident, the pit collapsed, it happens. Everyone needs to evacuate the premises.’”

A hole of at least 1.30 m or 1.50 m

The young woman named Cécile continues her story: “Everyone, in a moment, a bit of a crowd, because I think there was also a bit of misunderstanding, started to take the exit. Coming out, we saw a huge hole, I think at least 1.30 m or 1.50 m”, she says. Fortunately, the police and emergency services intervened around 10:30 p.m. Twelve people were slightly injured according to the police headquarters. “In one of the spaces of the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique, a slab on the ground collapsed. For security reasons, the space is closed to the public. The security services are on site to ensure that everyone is well”, relates the Twitter account of Radio France. For his part, rapper NeS intervened from his Instagram account by posting: “Thank you for coming. Hope everyone is doing well, safety first.”

The new nugget of French rap
The public present came to attend that evening the rare concert of the one who is today considered as the new nugget of French rap. Since 2020, NeS has been thrilling music critics and has stood out above all for two major opuses “NES vol.1.’ released in 2021 asserting a futuristic atmosphere, new-wave sounds and chiseled texts. Then, in January 2022, the rapper released “Cosmic”, a 4-track EP including “Topaz” which is already a benchmark. The artist is gaining momentum and developing his notoriety on social networks and the media. A hell of a misadventure for the young man who, fortunately, ends without drama.

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