Followed by nearly a million people on Instagram, Kelly Vedovelli is one of the most popular columnists of “Touche pas à mon poste”. On a daily basis, the pretty blonde involves her subscribers in her life and if she regularly shares her favorites in fashion and beauty, she does not hesitate to confide in her health either.

Last November, Kelly Vedovelli let her subscribers know that she was worried about a large abnormal “ball” located at the level of her neck. Well surrounded, she was fortunately able to count on the benevolence of Benjamin Castaldi who made an appointment for her at the ENT: “I am with Benj and I have just arrived at the ENT. Benjamin found me an appointment you to know what I had in the neck” she launched that day on Instagram.

Kelly Vedovelli soon operated
Three months after this medical appointment, we finally know that this famous “ball” is not a serious problem. A few days ago, the pretty blonde indeed gave more details on this subject to her colleague Bernard Montiel. “What’s your ball? But what is this ball? It’s not carcinogenic” he asked. And Kelly to answer “I’m having surgery on February 14! It’s a lipoma. Not at all, it’s not carcinogenic!”.

Reassured, Bernard Montiel then asked his colleague, when they were visibly behind the scenes of the TPMP set, to show him his pretty face in front of the camera. “Ah yeah, you’re pretty! You’re naturally beautiful”. Amused by the conversation, the pretty blonde then replied: “Looks like a cast for a weird movie…” before bursting into laughter.

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