Frédéric Courant and Jamy Gourmaud, better known by the nicknames “Fred and Jamy”, have long formed a shock duo on the small screen. Together, they tried to popularize science in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible until the adventure ended overnight… A blow for Frédéric Courant who recently confided in his eviction from the program in the columns of Parisian. “I was thrown out in ten minutes after more than twenty years of service, and the project we were working on together was done without me”.

Exit “It’s not rocket science”, the former host now has a YouTube channel. With “L’Esprit Sorcier”, his goal is, once again, to “making science accessible to as many people as possible means learning a lot of things while keeping a playful spirit”he explained in an interview with TV Magazine.

New life in Reunion

Very discreet since the stoppage of the flagship program of France Télévisions, Frédéric Courant recently gave an interview to the Reunion and Indian Ocean daily newspaper. A place he particularly appreciates since “his son, his wife and his children settled there”specifies our colleagues. “I love coming here. I came several times to shoot subjects on the volcano. I also worked on the cultivation of vanilla. It’s important that people know how the vanilla in their yogurt pot is grown.”declared Jamy’s former sidekick this Saturday, January 21, 2023. And to continue on the success of “It’s not rocket science”: “There are people who say thank you to me because they discovered a lot of things with this program. Some tell me that it was thanks to our work that they decided to pursue a career in research or teaching. It’s awesome. I tell them that I just did my job. We worked a lot for that. But the result pleases”.

Metamorphosed, Frédéric Courant displayed his graying beard and hair ” balding “. True to form, he wanted to keep his reporter look, which he now pimps with bandanas.


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