To date, the SNCF is facing a new scandal… On January 2, a mother and her daughter experienced a real nightmare at Montparnasse station. And for good reason after having escaped their vigilance, their cat – baptized Neko – was unfortunately run over by a train after taking refuge under one of them. Despite countless requests from the two women, the group’s agents reportedly refused to intervene to save the animal.

According to the latest news, the Foundation 30 million friends decided to file a complaint against the company for “serious abuse and acts of cruelty”. “Beyond the abominable cruelty of the facts, the animal was in order, his mistresses had paid a ticket for him to travel legally”, indicated Reha Hutin, the president of the association. “It is therefore an SNCF passenger who was knowingly crushed”.

“Is that your argument?”

To date, the SNCF is at great risk: the facts are punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros. This Monday, January 23, 2023, Cyril Hanouna obviously mentioned this terrible incident. And the debate quickly turned sour between different columnists. Guillaume Genton, Gilles Verdez or even Kelly Vedovelli took the side of the two women unlike Géraldine Maillet or Benjamin Castaldi.

“I am extremely sorry for this cat…” indicated Aurore Aleman’s husband to calm things down. ” No ! You didn’t say that in the dressing room” Fatou’s companion got annoyed. “What did you say in the lodge?” ! », added Cyril Hanouna. But Benjamin Castaldi subtly ignored his boss: “Indeed, we are not going to delay a train for a cat! I am sorry. The bullshit needs to stop.” “Is that your argument?” », mocked Kelly Vedovelli. “Let him finish, I want to know what he said in the box…”, released Lino and Bianca’s dad to his team. What Benjamin Castaldi replied: ” Hey ! Oh it’s ok… Don’t look at me like that! “. ” Ah yeah ? ! Hey I’m not your boyfriend […] You’ll see “, decided Cyril Hanouna. However, seeing him change his target, the host could not help but smile a mocking smile…


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