Criticized for asking for a time in marriage to “reconnect”, or for forbearing louis navarrogives Balloonrebutted the negative repercussions by publishing the cover of the book “Homens Pretos (Não) Choram”, and até the writer opposed the separation.

“I read my book, I understand nothing. I wrote about violent men, irresponsible countries, rude, insensitive, hardened by machismo. Do not write to heat or homem. I write to provoke it”, published by the writer Stefano Volp on Twitter.

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“I am a black man, gay, raised by a mother warrior, who for countless times supported people, her seven children, sozinha. I saw and lived not just dinners of abandonment (my father has other two families), but also the brutality of machismo in a format that cannot be exposed here”, he continued.

“I also wrote here about sexual abuse, fatphobia, physical aggression, or bullying, the objectification of the female body and the genocide of gay men. Homens Pretos (Não) Choram é también sobre isso all, and here I leave my treat. It is a book for all people. Releiam, be precise. E, men, se possível, sejam mejores do que sus país”, he concluded.

Separation criticized

Interpreter of Mark from the novel Todas as Flores, Luis Navarro asked for “a time” for the ex-dancer of Faustão Ivi Pizzott, with whom he was related for 7 years and changed alliances in December 2021.

The separation drew criticism on social networks because the actor claimed not to be able to “read a book” or “he smells not hopeful”, while Ivi Pizzott is postpartum, recovering from the second pregnancy. You two are the country of Kali, who is 4 years old, and Zuri, barely 4 months old.

“I found myself confused with life and I made the decision to rediscover my essence, and, for that, I needed to give a long time without relationship. I don’t remember the last time I was sozinho to reflect, that I read a book or that I smelled it, I didn’t look forward to it and I was proud of myself”, he wrote.

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