Days before the start of the 2023 summer season, Pedro Alfonso I had told that It was not at all easy for him to work with his wife. Paula Chavez on the job A perfect plan. However, now, she has come out to talk about it and confirmed the difficulties of working together.

“And… it’s difficult because she’s a co-worker, she’s my wife, so everything comes together. Later, when we make markings, we have to try not to make it personal. These days there were moments of more tension because we are against the clock, at one point she got up and went to the car“Pedro Alfoso said at the time in an interview with Socios del Espectáculo.

For his part, almost a month after these declarations, chaves confirmed what he said Peter it was true. “And how is working with your husband? Get along? Because Carlos Paz also seems to calm you down a bitasked one of the journalists from relentless.

Some time later, Paula Chaves talked about the employment situation together and assured: “Yeah, it wouldn’t be happening to us. The reality is that we are fighting a lot. But the good thing is that we know how to fight because we go to bed fighting but we wake up already friends“.

And why do they fight?“, the chronicler wanted to know. “You saw that Pedro has the reputation of being quite intense with the subject of corrections and I have to admit that I don’t have many fleas. The other day he told me: ‘You’re the most complicated actress I’ve ever had’“, counted Paula Chavez as a closing in Implacables.

Paula Chaves broke the silence and revealed if she will drive MasterChef

Without a doubt, Telefé is the most successful channel at the moment, and its ratings prove it. the reality Big Brother is the star of the channel and with its completion in March, executives are already behind the next phenomenon.

That is why the channel will bring a new edition of the reality show masterchef, which had already been broadcast on other occasions and was very well received by the public. This time it will be about regular participants and it will not be celebrities who participate.

In previous editions, santiago del moro He was in charge of conducting it, together with the jurors Germán Maritegui, Damián Betular and Donato De Santis. However, despite the fact that he is in charge of Big Brother, Del Moro confirmed that he will not be able to lead MasterChef this year, but he announced that surely Paula Chaves will be the one who will have that task.

Faced with so many rumors and speculation, Paula finally broke the silence and talked about her future on the channel and the future project.

During a mobile with LAM, Paula was asked about this and, although she seemed a bit lost, she did not deny it either. “The truth is that I still have not received the formal proposal. Yes, there was a project on the channel going around and my manager had a meeting in December. But I don’t have the name of the project. They haven’t summoned me yet, but hopefully, I would love to be able to do it and I feel super comfortable on the channel”.

Then, he continued talking about the good experience he has working for the channel of the three balls. “I love working at Telefé, I’ve been here for five years and I feel super comfortable, so a MasterChef project would be great,” she confessed. “I love it, apart from this one is for amateurs, not with celebrities, so I like it even more”, he explained about the new edition of the reality show, without hiding his desire to be part of it.

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