Pampita has been installed for days on the paradisiacal Imbassaí beach, in Brazil, together with a large group of family and friends.

From there, the host continuously shows her looks that are always in fashion.

On this occasion, he shared two images in which She was wearing a fuchsia microbikini, a color that she had previously used on that beach.

Pampita once again opted for a fuchsia microbikini on the beaches of Brazil.

pampita this time she wore a two-part swimsuit with a print. And, as before, although her fuscia micro bikini was smoothalso paired it with a wide-brimmed Texan-style hat and sunglasses.

In the background you could see a paradisiacal landscape, which included the sand of the beach and the blue sea.

Pampita days ago with a smooth fuscia microbikini.

Pampita’s impressive look to celebrate her birthday in Brazil

pampita she opted for a short dress from the Mono brand, one of the firms that predominated among the celebs this summer in Punta del Este.

It was the Ipanema model that, according to the official website, is Made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen.

It consists of three colored stripes: fuchsia, red and gold. All three contain sequins and fringes. The price of the dress is $132,400.

The photos of Pampita's birthday in Brazil
Pampita’s impressive look to celebrate her birthday in Brazil.

Together with Pampita, her husband blew out the candles, Roberto García Moritan and all his children: Bautista (14), Beltrán (10), Benicio (8) and Ana (one and a half years old). Guillermo was also his brother, his nephews, her friends Estefania Novillo and Luciana Pizzolorusso and other close friends who came from Chile and Argentina who are inevitable at Carolina’s birthday, who alternated the recordings of the reality show The Hotel de los Famosos, from El Trece, with his trip.

The great The party started at sunset, in the Beach Club area, where all kinds of celebrations usually take place. The setting was perfect, on the beach with the Imbassaí nature reserve and the noise of the sea in the background. One was chosen Very colorful decoration with details with a strong tropical imprint such as flowers, foliage and fruits: birai flower, Helicônia rostrata, fan palm and Adam’s rib, green coconut and abacaxi. The honoree had surprises throughout the night.

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