Hailey Bieber is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable it-girls of the moment. Kendall Jenner’s best friend keeps posting photos of her looks and her always-perfect make-up on her Instagram account. And each time, the creator of Rhode, her new cosmetics brand, is a hit to the point of creating trends that all young girls quickly pick up. This time, it is on her Tik-Tok account that the 26-year-old young woman posted a video where she reveals her brand new haircut. Fans discovered that she opted for a short bob! In caption, Hailey Bieber wrote “oops” with scissor emojis. This new hair transformation creates a big change for Hailey Bieber, accustomed to long hair.

Mixed fans

If some fans support elbows than elbows all his hair choices, other subscribers did not hesitate to write their disappointment. “No ! Why did you cut your hair?”, “But what is she doing to us here?”, “She looks older…”, “It looks like 2017…” can we read in the comments. Some fans even see this transformation as a possible subliminal message. “Cut change, life change?” asks one of his followers. Indeed, Justin Bieber’s wife is at the heart of crazy rumors about her relationship. A relative of the star would have confided to the French Youtuber Aqababe that she was fooling around with her sports coach. “According to the words of her friend who has a loose tongue, Hailey Bieber would frolic with the brother of her personal trainer! It would be tough flirting between them behind Justin’s back!” according to Purebreak media. But for the moment, the rumor has not been confirmed or even noted by the Bieber couple.



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