At the helm of Fort Boyard for 20 years now, Olivier Minne inaugurated the action games Fort Boyard Adventures in Brétigny-sur-Orge, in Essonne, 25 kilometers south of Paris. On the occasion of this great event for the cult game of public service, which is now 33 years old, the host confided in a program which has particularly remained in his memory. And this is the one where he received the lovely Eva Longoria!

She was “extremely cool”

As we know, Eva Longoria is a big fan of France. Married for a time to the basketball star, Tony Parker, the actress of “Desperate Housewives” continues to come to the Cannes Film Festival every year with the L’Oréal team. She also regularly organizes her Global Gift Gala, in Paris, in the presence of her friends Nikos Aliagas and Kendji Girac in particular.

In the columns of TV 7 days, Olivier Minne remembered his visit to the Fort in 2009, two years after his marriage to the Frenchy. Co host with Anne-Gaëlle Riccio, he had received this guest who came straight from the United States, who did everything to blend in with the crowd. He explains, in fact:It was the first time she did something for French television.” and she was “extremely cool” !

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Far from the diva attitudes of her character Gabrielle Solis, in the series Desperate Housewives (she appeared in the series between 2004 and 2012), the star of the paf remembers a woman without fuss and very natural. Indeed, he explains: “She never asked for a make-up touch-up on her nose, nothing!”

I see her again in the treasure room, on all fours to retrieve boyars

And she gave her all to try to bring back as much money as possible to the Make-A-Wish association, which was in the spotlight that day in Fort Boyard. Olivier Minne remembers: “I see her again in the treasure room, on all fours to retrieve boyars from the water, tiger piss… While we know others who have a quarter of a tenth of Eva’s notoriety and who make a terrible crisis for a disheveled lock“.


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