Soccer players began a campaign in favor of Adán Augusto López ahead of the 2024 presidential race

In recent days, a video in which three Mexican soccer figures appear, went viral. Miguel Layun, Giovani dos Santos Y Braulio Moon. They all recorded a small clip in which they sent a greeting to Adam Augustushead of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob).

But, what stood out from the message that those involved gave was that they said “we are ‘August’”, a phrase that is already linked to a pre-campaign —because the message has already appeared on fences and public roads— in favor of the politician, who is considered one of the “corcholatas” for the candidacy for the presidency by Brunette. For which they accused the video of being a premature campaign in favor of a probable candidacy for the presidency by Adán Augusto.

Miguel Layún exploded against those who accused him of campaigning for Adán Augusto (Instagram/ @miguel_layun)
Miguel Layún exploded against those who accused him of campaigning for Adán Augusto (Instagram/ @miguel_layun)

Nevertheless, Miguel Layun, Giovani dos Santos Y Braulio Moon They came out to clarify the situation in which they were involved. And the three agreed that the video was taken out of a context on the occasion of the secretary birthday of the Interior, so the current player of the club América described as “lies.

Through social networks, each one gave their explanation and denied that it was some kind of political campaign. But, who was angry and indignant with the controversy was Miguel Layun. The winger published a series of comments to criticize that his congratulations had been used for political purposes, since he ruled that he doesn’t like politics.

In a thread on Twitter, he commented that he uses the same format of congratulations to all the people who ask him for a video, so he confronted all the Internet users who accused him of campaigning politically in favor of one of the “corcholatas” of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The first thing he stated was that: “I did not believe it was necessary to prove what is logical, but given the attacks received, I want to leave different messages that I send to my friends/acquaintances when requested, all with the same structure. I am a person who does NOT like politics, I do not watch the news.

In a second post, he asked that everyone who they accused him of collaborating in a political campaign upload the video and show him the exact second he mentioned the slogan of the 59-year-old politician. Due to how his followers reacted, he insisted that it is all lies.

“Since you only want to write to write and not try, here is the video that you do not want to share because you know that your words are lies… WHERE DO I USE A SLOGAN? It is cowardly to accuse without facts! ”, He sentenced.

And it is that the former national team was given the task of responding to each of the messages in which was attacked and singled out for running a political campaign with his sports image.

For their part, Giovani and Braulio Luna limited their explanation to a statement on social networks. The former Barcelona midfielder separated his image from the supposed political campaign and made it clear that the recording was taken out of context.

While the commentator of TUDN He said that a friend asked him for the video with the sole purpose of sending a greeting to the Secretary of the Interior for his birthday, and at the same time play on words with the last name Augusto. But he did not imagine that the recording would have that use.

Faced with this situation, the former governor of Tabasco came out to show his face and regretted the situation in which the footballers were involved.

“I regret the unfair attacks that players have received for having greeted me on the networks, which surely was from people who want to help me, and as I already mentioned, this is not the time,” wrote Adán Augusto.


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