The senator attacked the prosecutor (Instagram@lillytellezg // Cuartoscuro)
The senator attacked the prosecutor ([email protected] // Cuartoscuro)

In recent days, the health of the holder of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), Alejandro Gertz Manero, the question was put on trial. But upon confirming that the official is well after allegedly undergoing medical intervention in Baltimore, United States, Senator lilly tellez He expressed the plans he has for him.

The National Action legislator (BREAD) was pleased to learn that the Doctor of Laws is in stable health, despite the possible pancreatic cancer that afflicts him; however, she stated that the official “It is a cancer for the institution” who drives.

That is why the former Morenista assured that she will remove Gertz Manero from his current position on his first day in office, if he wins the presidency of the Republic in the next federal elections to be held in 2024.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Téllez García has assured that he will win the contest; this, although neither in his party, nor in the coalition Goes through Mexico processes have been initiated to choose the candidate.

“I am glad that prosecutor Gertz is in good health; but his permanence in the FGR is a cancer for the institution. For the health of justice in Mexico, I will remove Gertz from his post on the first day of my government.”

It was in recent days that there was speculation about the state of health of the prosecutor, who was not present during the X North American Leaders Summit held in Mexico City, despite being a key agent. Last Friday, January 20, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied the rumors about his bad situation, since he reported that he was working.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the prosecutor is well and working (PRESIDENCIA/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the prosecutor is well and working (PRESIDENCIA/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

“He is very good, Alejandro Gertz Manero is very good, is doing its job. We all need some repair sometimes, but he is very well, and he is a good person, a good public servant and he is working,” explained the president.

For his part, journalist Dario Celis leaked the same day that the prosecutor was in a Baltimore hospital, where he allegedly received cancer treatment. The reporter explained that his functions were taken over by the Secretary of the Interior (Segob), Adam Augusto Lopez.

Towards the last hours of last Saturday, January 21, it was reported that Gertz was already at home in Mexico City, in the company of his three daughters and in good health.

However, Lilly Téllez was not the only one to launch against the prosecutor in the midst of the controversy. The federal deputy for the PAN, Jorge TrianaI also wish a speedy recovery for Gertz Manero, so that he “pays in life for all his abuses.”

Gertz Manero was appointed head of the FGR in January 2019 (MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Gertz Manero was appointed head of the FGR in January 2019 (MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

“I really hope that Gertz Manero recovers and lives many more years. The fair thing is that pay in life for all your abuses, their crimes, their corruption and their wickedness. That he pay for all the pain he has caused, that he and those who empowered him by making him a prosecutor pay, “shared the PAN member.

For his part, the former legislaturer Fernando Belaunzarán He accused that not only Gertz stays in private hospitals in the United States, but also several morenista militants, despite the principle of austerity.

“It is not just Gertz Manero, the officials, leaders and legislators of Morena are not treated in public hospitals, nor do they enroll their children in public schools. They live in demagoguery and simulation, ”he condemned.


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