Iris Mittenaere has been on her little cloud for a few months. On August 27, the Miss Universe 2016 announced to her fans her engagement with her companion Diego El Glaoui. And who says engagement, says marriage! In an interview given to Télé 7 jours, the 29-year-old young woman announced that she would very soon be exchanging her vows with her fiancé: “I’m going to marry Diego El Glaoui and it fills me with joy”

She even said she already knew where the ceremony was going to take place. And as far as children are concerned, it is also a choice that is made by two people. Iris Mittenaere intends to talk about it with her companion to ensure that the two lovebirds are sure of themselves.

Iris Mittenaere, her life in Dubai

“It’s a question that requires a lot of thought, it must be a shared will. People, even if they are always benevolent in their approach, do not realize the pressure that is put on women as they approach their 30s until they have a child” , explains the host of Ninja Warrior. Also in this interview, Iris Mittenaere even confessed “no longer in power of this pressure” and continued: “there are a lot of things to consider before getting started”.

For now, Iris Mittenaere is enjoying her new life in Dubai, where she settled down with Diego El Galoui a few months ago. The ex-girlfriend of Kev Adams was also surrounded by her friends like Nabilla in order to attend Beyonce’s exceptional show. The international singer has indeed performed at the brand new Atlantis Royal hotel for the modest sum of 21 million dollars. The show lived up to all expectations since Jay-z’s companion sang with her daughter Blue Ivy and even perched above the water.


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