The victim who accused Brazilian star Dani Alves of sexually assaulting her revealed that she tried to resist the latter, but he was stronger than her, adding that she refused financial compensation from the player, so that he would go to prison.

The Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” obtained a copy of the testimony of the girl claiming that Alves was accused of sexually assaulting her in a restroom in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The 23-year-old revealed that Alves sexually assaulted her on the thirtieth of last December before the Spanish authorities arrested him. and put him in prison.

The victim gave the details of the case to the Barcelona police sexual assault department after she stayed there for more than an hour and a half, as the girl said that she went with her friend and relative to the club after they obtained bracelets that gave them entry permission to meet a group of Mexicans, including the Brazilian player who offered her a drink, but she refused. Before the two Mexicans told her that Dani Alves was the famous player, as she did not know his identity.

The victim added in her statement that the player was harassing her annoyingly, as he started harassing her verbally before he started assaulting her, as he indicated to her to approach him, according to her saying, “I did not know what was behind the door, I thought that there was another place for the VIPs, and after I entered, I felt panic and asked to leave.” And he refused,” before Alves began verbally abusing her and sexually assaulted her. “I insisted on leaving and resisted, but he was stronger than me and slapped me. After he finished, he refused me to leave before him, and at that time I felt ashamed to be in a similar situation.”

The Spanish authorities arrested Alves on Friday after he was accused of sexual assault last December, and the Mexican club Pumas, for whom the right-back plays, terminated his contract with him after the accusations.

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