Guillaume Canet is on all fronts. For weeks, the actor has been doing television sets and interviews to promote his next film Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, which will be in theaters on February 1. In an interview given to the magazine Télé 7 jours, the ex-companion of Marion Cotillard told how he embarked on this great project. “I think it’s mostly unconsciousness that gives me courage. In life, you can have courage, but being too aware can paralyze you. Since I have been doing this job, I have always listened to my instincts, my feelings. When something pushes me and I feel like it, I go for it”. The best friend of Gilles Lellouche also explains that it is also thanks to his astrological sign that he manages to embark on the production of films and many projects. “I am an Aries, so I charge and think afterwards!” he declares. If the 49-year-old actor describes the production of this film as a completely unconscious act, it is not for nothing.

An extraordinary project

To produce Asterix and Obelix: the Middle Empire, Guillaume Canet deployed significant resources. Also in his interview given to Télé 7 jours, he reveals impressive figures. “It’s four years of work, between writing, preparation, filming and post-production. It’s a lot of work, and a huge budget: 65 million euros! It’s very scary to know what that entails” he explains before continuing “There are scenes with 500 extras, all of whose costumes have been sewn by hand. The technical team numbered 1,200 people.” It only remains for Guillaume Canet to arm himself with patience to discover the opinion of the public since his film will be released in all the dark rooms of France next Wednesday.

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