“Will You Be There”, “In Love” or “My reverence”… We no longer present the countless hits of Véronique Sanson. At 73, the singer-songwriter continues to flourish in music. Despite her 17 studio albums, the musician still wonders about her talent. “Now I row a little. […] I’m full of doubts.” released the ex-wife of Pierre Palmade on the set of It’s up to you.

To compose her songs, Véronique Sanson is often inspired by her private life as she has indicated for Current wife : “It influenced all my music! Because all my music, I wrote it for Michel [Berger]. Well, not everything, but almost, and important songs, songs that aren’t really happy… Songs were our way of communicating. He wrote me something, I knew it was for me, and I replied. At the time, laptops did not exist! And we never sent each other letters. I spent a lot of time without seeing him again.

“He locked me in another building…”

In any case, the singer remains very proud of her incredible journey: “I’m happy to wake up in the morning, to be alive. I have a lot of gratitude towards life which has not always been easy for me. I say “thank you” every morning. I could very well not wake up, still have a heart attack or some more shit. We always regret things, but what interests me is the present”. This month on the airwaves of RTLVéronique Sanson returned to the success of one of her biggest hits: Vancouver unveiled in 1976. And obviously, it gave her a hard time…

Even her producer at the time was intransigent with her in the studio: “To write Vancouver, I had the music, I didn’t have to find the exact thing I wanted for the lyrics, I said ‘listen, we drop this song. I’ll do another’ and he says no. At one point he locked me in another building where he had a studio with a grand piano. He gave me food… He locked me up for 1 day and 1 night and I did it! ». A memory she will never forget…


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