Renaud is back. This Tuesday, January 24, the 70-year-old artist will return to the stage at La Scala Provence in Avignon after long years of absence. An appointment eagerly awaited by his fans. It was at the end of last year that the interpreter of the title “In knockup” announced a surprise tour called “In my ropes”. One “sober and intimate setting” opposite the Phoenix Tower, reports BFM-TV.

The singer and his team have been giving their all during rehearsals for 10 days. Although he has not lent himself to the exercise for a few years, Renaud has lost none of his talent. On the eve of the concert in Provence, his pianist judges him ” ready “. “Every day, he arrives at 9 o’clock, very punctual, he sits on his stool and the first word he says to us is ‘next’. He does it almost more for us than for him. Him, he considers that he is ready […] He doesn’t have stage fright”confided Alain Lanty, musical director of the tour, to our colleagues.

“He met a woman”

Interviewed for the occasion, Dave, a longtime friend of Renaud, revealed, meanwhile, that if Lolita Séchan’s dad chose to go back on stage, it was above all out of love. “ He met a woman. I think he wants to wow her. That’s what made him want to show that he knows how to do it and that he can do it. To this day, Renaud is a new man. In love and in better shape than ever, he recently spoke about his state of health in the columns of the Parisian.“I eliminated the cigarette, I went from sixty a day to fifteen. I am addicted to vaping. And I definitely stopped alcohol for six months. See you this Tuesday in Avignon to see the Phoenix “reborn again”.


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