Gracyanne Barbosa I shake the web in this second fair (23/1), to tell a news: the fitness muse opened an account in an adult content site.

Ao abrir uma caixinha de preguntas nos Stories do instagram For her more than 10 million followers, Gracyanne was asked about contacting the Privacy platform and explained the news.

“After trying to breed fake profiles with my name/photo, I decided to breed myself, but it’s still not active. When I’m here, notice here for you. Any other that doesn’t know that, is it fake, is it?”, he told the singer’s wife beautiful.

Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 1
Publicidade do parceiro Metropoles 2


Gracyanne is very successful on Instagram and in addition to posting details about her diet, the muse always appears exhibiting her body and her exercise routine. While always wearing a bikini, she is also responsible for Belo’s good physical shape and whenever she can share photos next to her lover.

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