When we think of Obélix, our mind will always turn, automatically, to Gérard Depardieu. Indeed, it is he, as well as Christian Clavier for Asterix, who has interpreted the Gaul for the longest time who does not need to drink the magic potion to face the Romans who are trying to dislodge him and his friends, to their village which still and always resists the invader. However, for the future film devoted to the most famous of the Gauls, the sacred monster of French cinema has indeed left its place.

It was therefore Gilles Lellouche who accepted the mission entrusted by Guillaume Canet. Namely, replacing Gérard Depardieu in the skin of Obélix for the feature film which will be broadcast in dark rooms on February 1: Asterix & Obelix, the Middle Empire. A very complicated role, which required the 50-year-old actor a lot of work. This Sunday, January 22, he was the guest of Anne-Claire Coudray, with his friend and colleague Guillaume Canet, to talk about the most anticipated film of the year. The opportunity for him to reveal the number of kilos he had taken to enter the skin of Obé.

Gilles Lellouche was able to discuss with Gérard Depardieu and has not forgotten anything of their conversation

“Twenty in six months”, he revealed to the journalist when she asked him the number of kilos taken for his role. Subsequently, Gilles Lellouche revealed that he had contacted Gérard Depardieu directly to learn more about the role entrusted to him. Jean Dujardin’s sidekick admitted that he had tried “Many times” to have an exchange with him without success. Until the day he finally got it.

“He called me back nicely to say to me: ‘What, do you want some advice on how to play Obélix? I’ll tell you something: Obélix, he has daisies in his eyes, that’s it, that’s all, come on hello my deer ‘”he revealed before specifying: “It was synthetic, but these are words that I kept with me throughout the shoot because that’s exactly it, Obélix, it’s poetry, naivety, childhood in a body raw”. A concise exchange, which all the same allowed Gilles Lellouche to better understand the character he was going to play.

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