Eva de Dominici is part of the cast of the successful American series The Cleaning Lady (The girl who cleans). The second season was finished filming last December and her fans are crazy about the plot.

There, the actress plays Nadia, a super sensual and provocative woman. Apparently, this caused her a couple of inconveniences in her real life and on the afternoon of this Sunday she decided to tell it on her social networks.

Eva De Dominici
Eva de Dominici as Nadia in The Cleaning Lady.

The discharge of Eva de Dominici

“I share a little therapy topic with you. The moms and dads of Cairo’s classmates from school, gymnastics, and any activity in which I write it down, it doesn’t fail, they are fans of The Cleaning Lady. It’s a very daddy series, apparently. Literally, I began to get ready to take my son So the difference between Nadia, who is always hot, and me, is not so abysmal. Let’s agree that Nadia left the bar very high “, she began writing Dominic’s Eve in an Instagram Story.

Eva De Dominici

Then the actress clarified: “This is a decision made after being pictured in slippers and a ski mask holding Walmart bags and a ragged diaper. I reread the combination: Slippers. Ski mask. Walmart. Diaper caught.”

And he concluded with humor: “I forgive but I never forget. Revenge will be divine. Make way, gentlemen, you’ll see who I can be,” along with a laughing emoji.

Dominic's Eve
Eva de Dominici as Nadia in The Cleaning Lady.

Eva de Dominici spoke about the difficulties of motherhood

In 2019, Eva de Dominici gave birth to her son cairo after going through some difficult first months of pregnancy.

“Motherhood connected me with life, but also with death. With the idea of ​​finitude. With the certainty that my son will one day die. A contradiction to the great experience, to the act of courage that being a mother means. Today I confirm that I like this present with Cairo more than the first months togethersaid last year in dialogue with “Teleshow”.

The actress went through the pregnancy alone and far from home. Although her partner edward crosswas there for her, the feeling of emptiness was latent.

Eva de Dominici and Eduardo Cruz
Eva de Dominici with Eduardo Cruz.

“I was able to connect with my chick when it was born. She looked at him and I was excited thinking: ‘OK, I let you go, you’re already in life’. But at the same time I had a feeling of being orphaned, of total loneliness. I saw myself in a new context and away from everything. Only Silvia, her NSC (New Care Specialist), remained. She held me back. She heard me cry all night. She would be the first of several in that state. But I continued with my head in another dimension. Bottoms out. Everything was a crisis. Everything anguished me. One day I thought: ‘Will this be my life from now on?'”he added.

Eva De Dominici showed her son Cairo's face for the first time
Eva de Dominici with Cairo.

After hitting bottom, Dominic’s Eve she reinvented herself in the role of mother, the one that today she enjoys and takes as a full-time occupation, although she knows that in motherhood not everything is rosy.

I lowered my demands on myself, I allowed myself leisuresomething that I had never achieved, and I understood that I had to stop. I changed a lot after being a mom. I stopped in another way. With more strength and determination. I learned to better value and manage time. To refine my searches. To define where I want to gohe concluded.

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