Coti Romeroone of the most controversial participants of Big Brotherspoke about the possibility of reconciling with Juliet Poggio and how she feels about everything the house participants talked about after her elimination.

After his departure, Coti confessed that she had hopes of clarifying everything with the little sisters once they were outside, but due to unpleasant comments from Juliet, Rosemary he no longer intends to reconcile. “Juliet mocked my origins“. The friendship between Juliet Y Coti ended on very bad terms after Juliet found out that Coti He made the spontaneous nomination and not having respected the promise of the women.

During an interview with very morningthe journalists asked the Correntine if she had thought about the possibility of making a clean slate when Coti He confessed that at first yes, but now no. “When I left the house I thought so. It said: ‘The day that Juliet Go out and see how I talked about her, yes, ‘Because I never said anything bad about her,” said the former player.

“Juliet mocked my origins. She said ‘poop, shit’, because I am from Caá Catí. That seemed ugly to me. Then, I don’t want to have a relationship with these people outside,” express Rosemary while he reiterated that the little sisters did not understand his game and that Big Brother it’s about treason.

Coti Romero, from Big Brother, reacted to the rumors of a crisis with El Conejo:
Coti’s response to the rumors of separation with the Rabbit

The former participant made reference to a conversation that the women of the house had about her. Daniela, Romina, Juliet Y The Torah discussed strategies for Coti Y Lucilla concluded that he was envious of Juliet. “For me Coti was jealous, the Cone thing was real. I heard it from the mouths of three men and with Romi we have seen it at parties,” he said The Torah in reference to the envy of Coti it was because alexis wanted to try something with Poggio.

Julieta spoke ill of her dogs again and they liquidated her in the networks

Months ago the mother of Poggio had to go out to clarify the situation, after Juliet said ugly things about one of his dogs and the viewers have called it animal abuse. Just like that time Juliet She talked too much and told her little sisters that her pets spend the day locked in the patio, without food and water, when she and her family go on a trip or spend the day in a country house.


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