Rio de Janeiro

Habitué personality of Rio Carnival as muse and highlight from the Great River, carla diaz will premiere at the São Paulo revelry. The actress was invited to be godmother of the drums at the Estrela do Terceira Milênio samba school and shared the news with her fans on Instagram, this Sunday night (22). “What an honor! There is no other word to define it. What a privilege to receive this invitation. In ecstasy from the first contact. It is a dream come true !!!”, she wrote in the caption of a video.

Soon after, the press office of also ex-BBB confirmed the information and revealed that the invitation came from the president and founder of the association, Silvio de Azevedo, better known as Silvão. “She is the face of the school and she loved our invitation. It will be a successful partnership, with a double debut: she at the São Paulo Carnival and us at the Special Group”, he said.

Carla, who was born in São Paulo, but had never paraded in a São Paulo association, did not hide her emotion for being chosen to be in front of the percussionists of Pegada da Coruja [as baterias das escolas de samba têm nomes escolhidos pelos componentes]from the Grajaú neighborhood, Parque América, south of São Paulo.

“My passion for this great party has always been public knowledge. Carnival has everything to do with me. I’m very happy and I received this invitation with a lot of respect too, because I know the responsibility it is to come to the head of a wing as important as this one. drums”, celebrated the actress.

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