Big Brother has a new removal from the house. The nominees this time were Ariel, Nacho and Maxi, who was on the plate for the first time. That is why his mother was present in the gallery.

Finally, by decision of the public Maxi he had to leave the house and abandon the game. “It would not have been the same without you,” said the eliminated.

The first to know that he was staying in the house was Nacho. So he was able to unpack his suitcase and watch the elimination with greater peace of mind. She did it with 15.2 percent of the votes, which indicates that she has a very good following.

Following this, it was time for the final decision.. maxi and ariel they were very nervous and delivered to the decision of those who voted outside.

Thiago Medina

Big Brother: Thiago said who he would like to see win the contest

Once he left the Big Brother house, Thiago began to tour each channel and program, in an interview with Angel De Britothe former player told who he would like to win the 15 million prize.

He talked about many things THE Mincluding the relationship it has with Nacho, something fans are dying to know. In the house you could see that they were very cool and that they were companions, although it is true that he called other people friends, which is why the response surprised everyone.

thiago lam
Thiago with Angel De Brito.

Before the question of Angel De Brito about who you would like Big Brother to be, Thiago He responded bluntly: “I would like Nacho or Dani to win, someone else, not really.”

“I want Nacho to win months ago, he is the best player in the house because he knew how to adapt to each situation and each group”, explained why he gave that answer. Nacho was part of the group “Los little monkeys”, he was the only one who survived and Thiago talked about it: “He survived good vibes and good dealings with everyone.”

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