Sao Paulo

This Monday (23), Larissa was corrected by some lines in the BBB 23 (Globe). In the leader’s room, the youtuber fred drew the sister’s attention to the pronunciation of the word “brought”, as a way of preventing her from being mocked by others.

“Can I tell you something, and you don’t take this the wrong way? It’s that you say ‘truce,’ and it’s ‘brought,'” says Fred. In response, Larissa says that this is really the way to talk about her. “That’s why I asked you, if you want me to add a touch or two,” she added.

Fred and Larissa have been shipped on the web. Both took a bath together in the dark after party and generated comments. Brother’s ex-girlfriend, the influencer Pink mouthalso spoke about Larissa and praised her.

Later, during a game between the brothers, the physical educator committed another gaffe. Players should complete the name of the sport starting with “REM”. Instead of “rowing”, Larissa replied “remdibol”, which is actually spelled “handball”. In another round, she answered “spray” to a word that was supposed to start with the letter “E”, mistaking the spelling of “spray”.

The actress Bruna Griphao she even joked with her friend, who regretted losing the game because of her slow thinking. “Your reasoning is not slow. It’s just that you have a problem with the Portuguese language,” she said.

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