Sao Paulo

the encounter with Rodrigo Mussiof BBB 22was marked in Key Alves. Literally. the sister of BBB 23 showed on the program a tattoo on his wrist that he made in honor of him, after the serious accident that Rodrigo suffered last year.

During a conversation with some participants, Key said that he was with Rodrigo the night he had an accident. The two met after Mussi left the Estádio do Morumbi to watch the final match against São Paulo.

This Monday (23), Rodrigo participated in the program “Encontro com Patrícia Poeta” and said that he already knew about the tattoo, but that he saw Key only once — and he added that he is not rooting for his sister.

“We saw each other only once, but we talked on social networks after the accident. She is a player, she likes a challenge so she is certainly thinking about the prize”, he said. Asked by Patrícia about the fans, Rodrigo stated that he likes Fred and Larissa.

“Fred I like a lot because he is very charismatic. And Larissa, it’s not a question of cheering, she makes us cheer for her for being so smart in the game”, he said.

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