Sao Paulo

The first wall of BBB 23 started with a lot of emotion and is already formed. Bruna Griphao and Larissa nominated Key Alves and Gustavo.

Aline Wirley and Bruno, the angels of the week, immunized Amanda and Cara de Sapato, therefore, the two could not be voted by the house.

Afterwards, the house voted in pairs and, the most voted, which was Fred Nicácio and Marília, already on the wall, had the right to counterattack, pulling two more brothers to the hot seat, which were Gabriel Tavares and Paula.

In the test rematch took part in Fred Nicácio and Marília against Gabriel Tavares and Paula.

The wall was formed, then, by the pair indicated by the leaders, Key and Gustavo, and by the pair that lost the round-robin race, Fred Nicácio and Marília.

But be careful: Sunday’s voting will be open to decide the duo that will debut the Secret Room of the edition. That is: the brothers will not be eliminated right away.

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