In addition to the participants, one of the biggest curiosities when a new edition of the BBB it’s how the house will be, the decoration and its colors. And, like everything else in reality, nothing is by chance or merely decorative. Colors directly impact people—for better or for worse.

With that in mind, we’ll reveal below how the house colors of the BBB 23 can influence the game. Based on chromotherapywhich studies the energy of colors, we analyze the predominant colors of the “most watched house in Brazil” and tell you what they indicate.

This method, for those unfamiliar, studies the colors meaning. According to its supporters, you can use it to improve your mood and energy, for example.

But, after all, how can the BBB 23 house colors influence the game? The decoration draws attention to the vibrant colors and graffiti that refer to travel. Doing an analysis of some colors, it is possible to observe in the house of the current edition of the reality the strong presence of the bluewhich transmits calm and tranquility, from the orangewhich brings joy and vitality, and brown, which brings structure and security.

Check out the analysis of each room below.


One of the rooms is dominated by earthy tones and elements that refer to the dry climate. The brown and orange tones call attention, which are not very suitable for sleeping environments, because they can make people more awake.

On the other hand, brown is a color that brings more security and stability. That is, let’s follow to see what will happen in this room.

The other room represents the bottom of the sea and has many maritime elements, with a predominance of blue. A color that calms, relaxes and brings tranquility. That is, it tends to be the most suitable place for the brothers to sleep and in fact rest from the reality marathon.

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The color of the confessional is black, but it has technological and futuristic details in red, blue and a little green. This makes the environment very intimate, but causes a bit of isolation due to the black color. Understand better here the meanings of black.


What drew attention in the living room were the gray tones, especially on the sofas, which is a very neutral color in terms of influencing behavior. But there are also elements in red and yellow, that is, vibrant tones, which bring energy and joy, and the tranquility of blue.

But you can see many objects and very colorful elements, of all colors, making the environment very cheerful and fun. If they wanted to make the living room an environment for coexistence and exchanges, the colors collaborate with this.


The kitchen is divided between Xepa and VIP. Those lucky enough to stay in the latter will enjoy a more luxurious room with shades of green, including the plants —which appear to be natural—, bringing balance and serenity. There are also brown elements, which bring security.

The kitchen at xepa has the atmosphere of a beach house, with lots of details in blue, a tone that brings calm and tranquility.

I could not identify the presence of orange in the kitchens, which is a color that stimulates hunger, and is present, for example, in one of the bedrooms.

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The external areas are also very colorful, but the predominant color is once again blue. Probably because it is a tone of harmony and tranquility, it is present in almost all environments.

In the area of ​​convenience, orange also draws attention, bringing vitality, energy and joy —after all, the public wants to see movement among the participants, right?

In the academy, the colors are not so striking, but we noticed the blue again, a color that predominates in this edition.

Let’s wait to see how this new edition of BBB 23 will be and how these colors and very colorful elements will act on the energy of the participants.

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