Rio de Janeiro

Fred Nicacio did not hold his tongue this Monday (23). Despite having denied that he wanted to blame his partner for the defeat in the Bate e Volta Test, held this Sunday (22), the brother pointed out the lack of agility ofand Marília Miranda responsible for the poor result. The two are on the first Paredão do BBB 23. The duo dispute the public preference to continue in the reality with gustavo and Key Alves.

“I made a point of ‘excusing’ Mari before any question, because I know how the internet is. But, I prepared myself, my psychological, my physical body. I know what my body responds to, I know my skills, my functions. I cannot answer for Marília’s body”, began the doctor talking to the volleyball player Key.

It’s a different body than mine, a slower body, a woman’s body, a less strong, less skilled body”, explained Fred, who held back so as not to cry. But, soon after, in conversation with Gabriel Santana, he complained again about Marília and cried for fear of leaving the program.

“My body responds to me. Má’s body is another body, there are other skills. And she doesn’t have as many skills as my body. (…) I depend 50% on her, for everything. another one is very bad”, he fired. “I didn’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave here without showing who I am individually”, vented the doctor.

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