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After Thaddeus Schmidt send a message to the house BBB 23 about the relationship of the couple Bruna Griphao and Gabriel, Emily Araújo, BBB 17 championspoke on social media congratulating the presenter’s attitude this Sunday night (22).

She claimed that in her edition, Globo did not have the same attitude towards her, resulting in more than four years of therapy to try to overcome psychological and physical aggressions that she suffered from her ex Marcos Harter.

BBB 23: Six moments when Gabriel was extremely rude to Bruna Griphao

The presenter began his speech gathering phrases from other participants about the couple’s relationship and ended by warning that certain phrases are not said even as a joke.

“Cara de Sapato talking about the couple Gabriel and Bruna: ‘You are a very boring couple’, said Cara de Sapato. Tina talking about the same couple: ‘You two are toxic’. and Bruno.”

“Do you realize that something is wrong? I’m here to issue a warning before it’s too late”.

“‘Those who are involved in a relationship, perhaps, don’t even realize it, think it’s normal. But those who are outside can see when the limits are about to be seriously crossed”.

Tadeu also remembered a sentence said by Gabriel to Bruna:

Look at this dialogue that happened yesterday. Bruna saying: ‘I’m the man in the relationship’. Gabriel saying: ‘But now you’re going to be elbowed in the mouth'”.

“Gabriel in an affective relationship, certain things cannot be said even as a joke. This is the message I wanted to leave for you”, warned the presenter.

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