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After the end of the formation of the wall in the BBB 23 and of the message that Tadeu Schmidt gave to Bruna griffin and Gabriel Tavares, the actress went to the model’s room to talk and decided to put an end to the relationship between the two and they agreed to follow only as friends inside the house. “I think we really need to move away, it’s not cool. It’s okay, I just think we could really move away and each one do their game. It’s not just your fault, it’s my fault too”, says Bruna.

BBB 23: Six moments when Gabriel was extremely rude to Bruna Griphao

“I totally agree with you, but I want you to recognize that I screwed up when I spoke and I admit it. It’s okay to put your foot down and go back”, points out Gabriel. “I only owe apologies, put my foot down, put my hand on my conscience. I can influence bad people who can do that out there”, he concludes.

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