Sao Paulo

even before the BBB 23 officially start, the former reality presenter and today youtuber Tiago Leifert said hope the model Gabriel Tavares was chosen by Glass House to enter the program.

However, now that the Tadeu Schmidt had to intervene and make a speech against the abusive relationship of him with Bruna Griphao, the public on the internet wants to hear Leifert’s opinion about the competitor. There are a lot of people on the web angry with the presenter.

“Tiago Leifert is quiet today”, opined Leonardinar’s profile. “Tiago Leifert at home seeing that he helped put an abusive on the BBB”, wrote the profile of Guiler2438.

“I said here at the time that when Tiago Leifert defends something, the best thing to do is choose the opposite.

Former Glass House, the psychiatrist Manuel Vicente he was also upset to see Leifert wanting his opponent within reality. “Waiting for Tiago Leifert’s opinion”, he added.

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