Less than four months from the start of the championship, and with the first half of the Regular Season just behind us, Warner Bros. Discovery takes stock of the season, the first in which it broadcasts within its portfolio – on NINE and DMAX – also a regular season free-to-air game.

In the first 15 days of the championship, in fact, the average number of viewers grew by +10% compared to last year (the free-to-air match was broadcast on Rai Sport), with one share up by +48% while the number of cumulative contacts was over 6.6 million people, +124% compared to last year, with an average of 650,000 people per game.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s commitment is now a long-term one with Italian basketball, being the 2022-2023 season the sixth in which the media company joins Lega Basket Serie A. A commitment that has made it possible to significantly increase the visibility of the movement – expanding the audience of spectators to a younger and more educated target – and of constantly improve the editorial proposalup to the possibility of enjoying a prestigious slot such as that of the generalist channel NOVE and a weekly program on DMAX – Basketball Zone – more and more appreciated by the public.

The most viewed match to date in the league was broadcast on NOVE, on 2 January Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano totaled 241,000 average viewers, equal to a 1.2% share (2.1% share for males aged 15-34) and a number of contacts exceeding 1.6 million people.

On the basketball front in the clear promises to be a exciting February thanks to the “Basket Week”: from 15 to 19 live from Turin comes the basketball Final Eight. On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 the quarter-finals (Milan-Brescia, Pesaro-Varese, Bologna-Venice, Tortona-Trento) will be broadcast by DMAX while the two semi-finals and the final (scheduled for Saturday 18 and Sunday 19) will be broadcast on NINE. On Wednesday 15th, immediately after the two quarter-finals at around 11.15pm, there will also be the first appointment with The Last Dancethe documentary about Michael Jordan aired in Italy for the first time in the clear.

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