Anitta Esteve in Brasilia Not the last weekend for a show with weather from Carnival. In the meantime, it was not only joy and happiness that the presentation was made. In a moment, at Powerful I interrupted the show to give a sporro to some fans that were trying to get on a local structure.

“Eu vou na casa de vocês matar vocês, tá bom? So are we going to stop uploading this shit? Obliged, eh? Will you eat a cheia can of drink to fall ha, olha? I shoot up. I fell head over heels and died alone, unlike everyone else. Então, ótimo”, I shot the singer, before going back to singing. confirm.

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One of the most internationally renowned Brazilian artists, Anitta spoke about the responsibility of taking the name of Brazil to the rest of the world. “People fear that they know what they are doing, how they are working, communicating, and understand the weight of all the things that people do. I’m not here, but also as a correspondent, ”she revealed.

Despite being indicated as a Revelation Artist for the Grammy 2023, the singer affirmed that she is still not thinking about herself, she just likes to live one moment at a time: “I left to think about these things only a week. Eu joy of living the moment”. However, she has confirmed her presence at the award: “With certainty I will”.

Anitta also took advantage of the passage to the capital to defend democracy and reveal a personal desire: “Now people celebrate democracy and I hope that the brigade spirit ends, regardless of the choices of each one. Now that people have achieved this stage, that people have managed to maintain an atmosphere of harmony”.

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