A shattering fake suicide orchestrated by the family

His story is worthy of the best American thrillers. In October 2020, a woman claiming to be the daughter of American writer Susan Meachen announced the writer’s suicide on social networks. An announcement that greatly upset his fans, who organized a donation campaign to help the family finish their latest book. “When it emerged that one of ours had committed suicide, it was quite destructive, we were only crying for that”remembers the writer Samantha Cole, shocked by the announcement of the suicide of her colleague and friend.

But two years later, in January 2023, the author made a resounding reappearance by giving her news on the private Facebook group The Ward.

Surprising revelations

The author of the novels Lose it and find it again, stolen moments and Love lasts a lifetime acknowledges that his suicide was staged by those close to him. Indeed, the writer, who was the victim of harassment on social networks, had decided to be interned for “ work with their psychiatrist and therapist to get better “. ” I’ve debated how to do this a million times and still don’t know if it’s right or not. There will be tons of questions and a lot of people will leave the group I guess “Said Susan Meachen in a Facebook post. Before adding: My family did what they thought was best for me and I can’t blame them. I almost [me suicider] again and they had to go through all that hell again “.

But the writer does not stop there. Above all, she wants to return to the literary world: “ Coming back to The Ward doesn’t mean much, but I’m better now and hope to write again. Let the festivities begin “, she concluded.

Fans of the novelist in shock
On social networks, fans of the novelist have not received this announcement. Some members of his community, very shocked and indignant, have expressed criticism of him. This is particularly the case of Samantha A. Cole, who reacted in these terms: “ It is beyond psychosis, whether Susan herself or her daughter making these comments, to knowingly mislead someone who is grieving. Now I’m suspicious of everyone I’ve never met in person, who I’m friends with on Facebook, and that’s really sad.”.

But that’s not the only thing that members of her community have learned: during all these years, the writer continued to write under the pseudonym TN Steele!

Since this announcement, some of them who participated in the donation campaign are considering legal action.

So, publicity stunt or real desire to protect yourself? To be continued…


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