In the series “Michel Sardou gives his clear-cut opinion”, all he had to do was ask him about… Greta Thunberg! After being against strikes, speed limits, the words of Omar Sy, Sandrine Rousseau… the singer spoke this Wednesday, January 18, on the air of “BFM TV”, on the question of ecology. Faced with Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot, the 75-year-old popular artist, who is preparing his return to the stage with a major French tour from the start of the school year, had already tackled the problem in 1976, in his title “J’accuse”. Words ? “I accuse men of dirtying the torrents / Of poisoning the sand of children / Of neuroticizing the souls of poor people / Of necrosing the bottom of the oceans”. The song resonates on the television set. And to illustrate these whistleblower remarks, some images of disasters linked to climate change are displayed as wallpapers. Among them, a photo of Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish activist who has become the figurehead of the fight for the preservation of biodiversity. Looking at it, Michel Sardou, true to his reputation, cannot fail to comment: “That one is not very clear. She scares me a little, that one, anyway“, he swung, as dry, perhaps not knowing that the young woman has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

“We don’t want to see these horrors”

Alain Marshall takes it up again to try to understand the words of his guest who replies: “Because, you have seen, it has gone up like a pendulum”, replies the latter. The journalist insists: “Because the hour is serious… you were already singing it 50 years ago”, ending up making the interpreter of “Lacs du Connemara” say: “Yes, it is the new generation, good , very well. Let’s go!”. And to resume the thread of his remarks by explaining his current vision of ecology: “I think that everyone is green. We don’t want to dirty the world, we don’t want to see these horrors. It is not true (…) But on the other hand, I do not make an attack weapon of it. I like ecology, I don’t like political ecology”, he finally defends. An interview that will have been talked about because Michel Sardou also attacked Sandrine Rousseau, offering to “save” her husband: “Shouldn’t we take a walk to help this poor guy? My poor boy, what did you stumble upon?” he said. What the deputy Nupes will answer via interposed sign … “Shut up”. The clash of worlds.

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