Days ago, Jimena Baron He warned that his son, Momo, would take Quequen little bracelets to sell on the beach. Each one is made by themselves with the self-gift that the artist made for Christmas.

As promised, the boy went out to sell and his mother managed to record him in the middle of the negotiation. “I cannot explain the tenderness that she goes with her fanny pack to sell her bracelets”expressed the interpreter of “La Araña”.

The success of Momo’s venture was such that Jimena Baron He had to start making more bracelets so that his son can continue selling the next day. “Noon expanding the business to return to the beach”wrote the artist when showing her new creations.

Following that, he shared a postcard in which he is seen in full production and another of his son keeping money in his fanny pack. In the second image and appealing to her classic sense of humor, she made it clear: “The owner”(of the business).

Jimena Barón recorded Momo selling bracelets on the beach:
Momo Osvaldo.

Jimena Barón’s response to haters after her support for Shakira

Jimena shared a strong message, Not understanding why they classify her as spiteful or resentful, when it is her only solution to heal her wounds and she expressed it in her stories: “Treat yourself to talk. It doesn’t matter if it makes them bill or if it doesn’t come out as a song. Keep sick shit head and body”.

“Talking heals and frees, it’s not because of the one who did shit to you, it’s because of you. It doesn’t matter how or with whom, please don’t shut up”added the vocalist.

Jimena Barón's response
The publication of Jimena Barón.

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