On the night of the last sixth fair (20/1), the singer Ingrid Mantovani It was crowned Rainha de Bateria da escola de samba X9 Paulistana. The moment occurred during the technical test carried out by the association not Anhembi Sambódromoin São Paulo.

“Noite de muita emoção, X9 received me with open arms. No great day I can be sure that I will give myself body, soul and heart, I am dedicating a lot to samba classes and rehearsals. I want to represent my school in big style. I was welcomed with much love by Mestre Adamastor, the First Lady and the entire X-9 family”, says Ingrid Mantovani.

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The artist will parade in the paulista carnival for the second consecutive year. In 2022, she premiered on Avenida pela Escola de Samba Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi, where she was the muse of two composers. Now, Ingrid spends all her time in samba classes and also has the help of Cíntia Melo, one of the most respected drummers of Carnival.

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