On her Instagram account, Julie Andrieu exchanges many great news with her fans. Like this December 17, 2015 when she announced the birth of her little princess:
“Our little Gaïa was born yesterday, three weeks early. It must be said that as goddess of the earth, she must get to work without delay”, she wrote with humor. It is also with a slight delay that the gastronomic critic organized this Saturday, January 21 the party celebrating the 7th birthday of her daughter. Surely because the end of the year was already heavily loaded with festivities! But it was worth the wait for the little girl who was offered an incredible table on the theme of the tale “Peau d’âne”.

“Magnificent ! A dream setting!”

Julie Andrieu, posing in a puffy princess dress, says in the caption: “Celebrating Gaïa’s birthday on the theme of “Donkey skin”. The perfect opportunity for me to imagine a new table that looks like an enchanting garden. In the kitchen: pyramid of homemade marshmallow teddy bears and donkey shortbread, donkey cupcakes and love cakes in which everyone slipped a ring. An entire program !” We imagine the wonder of the child! A little girl born from her union with the surgeon Stéphane Delajoux and who follows an elder, Hadrien, 10 years old. And the comments on the social network confirm the beauty of this painting, starting with her ex-companion, Jean-Marie Périer who displays 6 red hearts! And so much praise follows: “How lucky for Gaia to have a mother like you, full of talent and imagination. Beautiful day !” ; “Magnificent the universe of Peau d’âne”; “Magnificent ! A dream setting where a little girl’s gluttony must have shone in her weather-colored dress ;-)” or “Just Magic, your little goddess Gaia is very lucky…”. At 48, the host of “Carnets de Julie” seems to be an accomplished woman, a fulfilled mother… whose happiness we gladly share.

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