Carlinhos Maia prepares to live a new phase, since reatou or marriage com Lucas Guimaraes. Em Stories published no instagramat night this Saturday (1/21), the digital influencer commented on the desire to become pai and design that will be scheduled to perform the desire shortly.

“A phase of my life is coming to an end in which I want to be a father. I want a lot. But not now. From here to one or two years, I want to program myself to be a father. Home two my sons, in São Paulo, nothing will catch. It’s mine, it’s us. I am very different”, he began.

The growing influencer: “I am different, changing, in a new phase. I have spent many years recording people, making characters, [de] always be involved with so many people or all time. I have the time when people need to follow our path. I still have a lot of things to show. I want you to change and evolve with me”.

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Carlinhos ended with comments about other people’s quests. “I don’t have more patience. I have my problems, my insecurities. I need olhar mais for myself. I don’t just throw away a clothes, buy a thing. […] I’m light. I want to do incredible things, ”she completed.

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