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First ‘couple’ to form in the house of the Big Brother Brazil 23Gabriel Fop and Bruna griffin they are not a couple. Not in his view, which has already made it clear that she is not part of his priorities – more than that, the model seems to strive to treat her at every opportunity that arises. Don’t waste one.

The attitudes of the boy, who this Sunday morning (22nd) abruptly pulled her by the arm, have been attracting the attention of the public, which begins, albeit timidly, a campaign for his expulsion. Gabriel, it’s good to remember, left the “glass house” for the program, chosen by the public, who saw him making little hearts with his hands in a Rio shopping mall.

The brothers themselves, uncomfortable with what they are witnessing, have already given advice to the actress, who seems to have no strength to react. On social networks, Bruna and Gabriel are among the most commented subjects, with two expressions appearing on a larger scale: “Toxic male” and “Toxic relationship”. We selected five moments of Gabriel’s extreme rudeness when dealing with Griphao.


“Where are you going, Bruna?”, asked Gabriel, impatient, this Sunday morning, when he saw her at the door of the confessional. She tries to open the door. “Bruna, there are people there”, he says. Seeing that she has someone leaving, the actress positions herself to enter, when she is pulled by the arm by Gabriel, who passes in front of her. “No, let me. I’m set up here. It’s ‘safe’ [seguro, em inglês]”

Elbows in the mouth

Along with other participants, Bruna said, jokingly, that she feels like “the man in the relationship”. Gabriel takes off his cap and says: ‘Yes, but now, now, you’re going to get elbowed in the mouth’. And laughs. There is no reaction from anyone who appears in the scene.


One of the participants says that a dish with fish was part of the menu, moments before. Bruna approaches to kiss Gabriel, wrapping her arms around his neck. And the model says, for everyone to hear: “So why does she have that fish breath? Wow, look, the smell of a manhole!”. Bruna doesn’t seem to care and says that he “got tired of not having tried it” because the food was so good.


The brothers are in the kitchen and Bruna asks Gabriel for “a kiss of love”, already hugging him. He, who on another occasion had said that the actress “looks like a scab”, tries to get rid of it and says that he preferred the first days of confinement, when she was tied to Larissa, “because then you were more with Lari than with me” . Bruna insists, gets a pop on the lips, and then hears it from Gabriel. “Enough! I want to eat”.


Lying on the bed in the bedroom of leaders Bruna and Larissa, the model Gabriel takes the leadership necklace in his hands and laments, almost in a whimper: “For 14 thousandths this wasn’t mine…”. Bruna, beside her, then intervenes: “Think on the positive side, you won my heart”. Gabriel’s response: “Oh, but so what? I’d rather be here” (in the leader’s room). This time Larissa couldn’t contain herself: “Oh, seriously. It’s not possible, man!”

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