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The youngest’s willingness to endure more than 12 hours in the first resistance test of the BBB 23 (Globo) did not surprise the father of Bruna griffin23. But Paulo Orphao (her artistic surname is a combination of Grigoriadis, from her mother, and Orphao from her father), let’s say, “burned her tongue” when she saw the actress graduating right away a couple in reality with the model Gabriel Tavareswith the right to intimate moments under the duvet.

Shortly before the two kissed, Paulo spoke of his expectations regarding his daughter’s participation. “I don’t think it’s possible for her to get involved with someone at the beginning. My daughter entered the program focused on winning the prize”, said the businessman, who admits: no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t disconnect. “I thought it would be more relaxed, but I can’t switch off and I think by April it’s going to be this stay-up beat to go along with it.”

Also responsible for managing his daughter’s career, Paulo revealed that Bruna’s entry into the program it only happened 45 minutes into the second half. “Her name had been rumored for a while, but the ‘yes’ was only given a week before Christmas,” she said. “It was the third time that the BBB production invited her. Before, I was against it, but this time I saw that she was mature and I gave her strength”.

Fear of cancellation? Paul says there is nothing to fear. “Bruna is fair. She is not one to cause confusion for nothing, she is not influenced by anyone and if she has to apologize for something she did wrong, she will. With regard to cancellation out here, I find it difficult to happen”, he says. “She’s hot-tempered, a fighter, a good girl, whom Brazil will have a real chance to get to know better”.

The businessman recognizes that his daughter is explosive and that is his main concern with reality. “She had a misunderstanding with Gustavo, but later she realized it was silly. Bruna is not one to be intimidated, and that worries me a little”, he admits.

Paulo also talked about the single called “Bandida”, which Bruna will release during the BBB. “She started taking singing lessons almost three years ago, she had this desire to be a singer, and things started to happen. “

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