Rio de Janeiro

Aline Wirley was moved to be surprised by the message from son Antônio in the video of Angel this Sunday (22). Next to his father, actor Igor Rickli, the boy sang verses from the chorus of ‘Ragatanga’, the main hit of the group Rouge, which she was one of the members in the 2000s.

Mom, I miss you. We love you! ‘Aserehe ra de re, de hebe tu”, began singing the boy, 8. “We’re fine, don’t worry. We love you very much. You are the love of our lives!”, completed Igor Rickli. Mother Luciana and sister Renata Wirley also participated in the recording and Aline cried a lot.

Aline Wirley and bruno are the first angels of BBB 23. For the special lunch, the duo invited Amanda and Antonio “Shoe Face”. The singer returned to speak with the allies about the annoyance of fred Nicacio with the indication of the Monster. She and Bruno chose the doctor and Marília for the punishment.

“I’m worried about Fred, of course, I tried to protect him as much as possible within our partnership. [Aline e Bruno]. I have no explanation to give. We are all playing here. I’m on one side of the group and he’s on the other. The review I want to do with him later is for the friendship and complicity that we have out there”, said the singer.

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