emily garcia I saw two of the most commented issues in social networks, on Saturday (1/21), after accusing my husband, Babal Guimaraesiron of Lucas Guimaraes, of aggression This Sunday (22/1), or Instagram profile Follow Cami I divulged information from a process showing that or ex-in-law of Carlinhos Maia I would also have attacked an ex-mulher.

Second to the page, the ex, who has had a seven-year relationship as an influencer, entered the process in February 2019 alleging that she was physically and verbally assaulted by Babal, who, in reality, is called Emanuel Francisco dos Santos Júnior.

In the process, which is still in progress, the victim affirmed that she was separated from Emanuel for 30 days, when the influencer on the wall of her residence was attacked with smears, face covers and hair cuffs, in addition to the ring of ” vagabond and puppy” and utter threats.

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During the deposition, Babal would have assumed that he had committed the crime, saying that: “On that day, after ingesting alcoholic beverages, he went to the victim’s house, where he found himself with another man inside the residence, on which occasion he lost or controlled his atos was assaulted”.

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Not last Saturday (21/1), Emily Garcia scared followers to reveal more details of the disagreement with Babal, Her husband and sister of Lucas Guimarães. The influencer published in her Stories on Instagram or a print of a WhatsApp message sent to Lucas Guimarães, with whom she has a bat-mouth on the internet. Together with these messages, I have also sent some photos of the quais she appears crying and bruised. Emily alleges physical aggression and says that she was tied to the delegation to complain:

“But a woman is always taxed as a louca. I’m not going to calm down, violence [contra mulher] it’s crime And, if the family supports me, I go to the delegation, because unfortunately I don’t support the family I have, just after dinner. Tired of ficar puff. I got tired of crying every day asking for the love of God so that it is over, ”she wrote.

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