The 28-year-old man, suspected of having killed a teenager whose remains were found Tuesday in a pipe of a building in Saint-Priest, near Lyon, was indicted for murder and imprisoned.

“The investigations will continue on letters rogatory, under the authority of an investigating magistrate, in order to determine the exact circumstances and the motive for this acting out”, indicates the parquet floor of Lyon.

The young man, whose criminal record “does not mention any conviction” and who has been “monitored for psychiatric disorders for several years”, was arrested on Wednesday the day after the macabre discovery. The alert had been given by a company that had come to unclog the pipes of an apartment building, at the request of its owner. A tenant, “whose toilet no longer worked, had indicated that she had seemed to hear unusual noises” coming from the apartment concerned, Sunday during the day, according to Progress.

The victim probably cut with an electric saw

“Hands, a foot or pieces of flesh were found in these conduits. An electric saw was also found “not far from the building, according to the site. Lyon Magwho revealed this case.

“During his police custody, the defendant disputed the alleged facts while making increasingly incoherent remarks”, according to the prosecution, who reported “psychiatric expertise necessary to deepen the personality” of the suspect.

The victim is a 17-year-old young man, whose relationship with the alleged perpetrator of the crime has not been specified. According to Progress, he lived in Lyon with his family. He had “disappeared mysteriously” on January 13 while he was going “to his place of work in Corbas”, a suburb located south-east of the Rhône-Alpes capital.

Without news of him and despite research from his relatives, his mother had reported his disappearance last Sunday to the authorities.

A support system made up of a victim support association and a psychologist has been set up to assist the family of the young man killed, the prosecution said.

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