The images are chilling. Very early Tuesday morning, the entrance to the Papon school, a few hundred meters from the port of Nice, was discovered stained with blood. The porch is covered in a puddle. And dozens of handprints are visible on the walls, which open onto the street. Since cleaned, this very shocking scene would be linked to a violent attack for which two people are still in custody this Wednesday evening, confirms to 20 minutes the public prosecutor of Nice. Their victim, on the other hand, remains unidentified “to date”, according to Xavier Bonhomme.

The two alleged perpetrators, “foreigners aged 27 and 28, Libyan and Tunisian” according to the magistrate, must be presented to the prosecution on Thursday for the opening of a judicial investigation for the violence of which they are accused. The two men dispute the facts, further specifies the prosecutor.

Xavier Bonhomme therefore also disputes information published in the press according to which their victim, injured in the forearm, was taken to hospital before escaping. He assures that the latter is still “unidentified”.

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