While the pension reform has occupied a large part of the political and media news in recent days, Elisabeth Borne went yesterday, Tuesday January 10, to the set of the 20 hours of France 2. The Prime Minister thus responded to the questions from many French people but also and above all to those of Anne-Sophie Lapix. And the latter, unwittingly, made a small slip that created a moment of palpable embarrassment.

When he came to this set, in April, Emmanuel Macron recognized that those who would start working at 20 would work for 45 – it was then when the limit was set at 45, excuse me, without play on words“began the star of 8 p.m., realizing his clumsiness in using the word “borne” in front of the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne. Not vindictive, the head of government even let out a small smile in the face of the relative blunder of the journalist .

Less indulgent with Anne-Sophie Lapix, Internet users have very harshly judged the face to face between the two women. “How did you find Anne Sophie Lapix last night. I found it incorrect. She presented the newspaper ignoring Elisabeth Borne and the questions were biting. It only engages me of course”, “I would be surprised if Lapix asks THE questions… she’s going to serve the dishes instead.”, “Good evening @annesophielapix ! Why this little condescending smile towards your guests? Why make a Prime Minister hang around for eleven minutes while speaking in her place? Why cut off? So you are so “superior”?, “And why hustle Elisabeth Borne? Who knew how to stay despite the aggressiveness of Lapix with Olympian calm.“, can we read on Twitter.


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