New evidence of the dangerousness of the Covid-19 vaccine is circulating among critics of the injection. The publication which demonstrates this, and which is shared by Internet users, is none other than that of Florian Philippot. His candidacy for the last presidential election was notably motivated by this fight against health restrictions.

“Yet more vaccinated than the French, with 100% vaccination among the oldest, with a vaccination recommendation for babies from the age of 6 months, #Japan has never had so many covid deaths! “, he wrote on Twitter with a graph of mortality from the virus in the country.

“It proves that being too disciplined is not a good thing to pass on your genes. We will have to become a little rebellious, even wild, ”comments a user. “Pr Péronne announced it a long time ago, but the censorship is trying to catch up with the truth,” says another. What is it really ? 20 minutes tell you more.


Some tweeters have expressed reservations about the graph at the sight of the date displayed, February 21, 2021: “We are not talking about it because your graph dates from 2020 in the midst of an epidemic, without a vaccine. “However, the document shared by Florian Philippot is indeed true. And you can find it directly on google by searching for “japan covid mortality”, then selecting “all the time” to get an overview, as he did. We then see that the figures are the right ones: the number of deaths exceeds 300 at the end of the graph, which corresponds to the end of the year 2022.

The leader of the Patriots is also right when he says that Japan has never had as many Covid-19 deaths as it does today. On January 9, 336 deaths were recorded, a record in the country. Moreover, it is a subject that the government avoids mentioning, promoting economic recovery. In this sense, the choice was made last October to completely lift the restrictions that had been in place at the borders for almost two and a half years. A resumption of tourism in the country which coincides with the resumption of the epidemic and the increase in mortality.

Also, during press conferences, the government spokesperson preferred to praise the vaccination rate in Japan. Because yes, the country of the rising sun vaccinates enormously: between 700,000 and one million injections have been carried out every day in recent weeks.

Although 82% of the population is vaccinated, only 54% of the elderly received at least one special dose against the omicron variant and 32.5% of the population as a whole. If the vaccine is no longer adapted to the circulating virus, it cannot be as effective as when it was marketed. This is what has been observed, particularly in France, and this is also why new vaccine formulas have been put on the market.

the Unicef ​​website explains about it : “Booster doses of bivalent vaccines against Covid-19, containing the original strain of the coronavirus as well as a strain of Omicron, are now available. These doses have been developed to better target subvariants of Omicron that have been shown to be particularly contagious. »

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