Larcomar is temporarily closed. channel N

This Wednesday, January 11, the Miraflores Municipality reported on the closure of the mall Larcomar, by ensuring that it puts the integrity of thousands of visitors at risk. He points out that the facilities were a time bomb because they do not comply with the proper security measures. They also reported that Cinépolis It was closed for not having authorization to serve the public.

Everything was due to an inspection carried out at the request of the neighbors. The closing was in charge of the Civil Defense Office of the commune, and affirm that the establishment failed to comply with “security measures that put the lives of thousands of visitors it receives at risk.”

“The preventive measure was in charge of the Civil Defense Office and the Inspection Management of the Miraflores commune, which first found deficiencies in the facilities of the Cinépolis theater,” the statement read.

They add that the technical report indicates that it was closed for keeping it open to the public without authorization, because the cinema in question is in a modeling stage for its relaunch, a situation that threatens the security of people.

In this line, they assure that another of the reasons for the temporary closure is that the living room does not comply with the security and protection provisions issued by indeci or other competent bodies “such as those related to the operation of emergency doors, corridors, stairs, emergency lights, electrical installations and/or lack of emergency exit (stairs and/or door)”.

In the statement they add that from this first inspection, the Civil defense detected deficiencies in terms of security in the shopping center, such as the lack of emergency lights, evacuation route signage, the absence of handrails on evacuation routes and the non-existence of exit accesses.

“Likewise, it was determined that it lacks a centralized smoke detection system and flammable material was found on the evacuation route that increases the risk of fire,” they point out.

Having said this, they end by stating that the temporary closure and the findings were notified to the company Arauco Park, for its corresponding correction, otherwise they assure that the definitive closure of the mall will proceed.


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