Wanda Nara It is undoubtedly one of the media, what does it matter to talk about. Her constant scandals, her love life and her ups and downs with Mauro Icardi and L-Gante, make the blonde the most talked about every month. More than 15 million people follow her Instagram account, making her a true influencer.

One of her last posts was a sensual photograph that was later censored by Instagram. In addition, thanks to this image, a rumor began to spread that ensured that Wanda Nara began to venture into the world of erotic content platforms.

Wanda Nara at the limit of censorship with a suggestive photo
Wanda Nara is not selling adult content.

Behind this, kennys palacios broke the silence and gave details of this new controversy: “Wanda is used to saying what they want, but if it’s another woman or a girl who’s just starting out, she suffers a little more… let’s not be masks, we all use filters,” started by stating the stylist.

“From what happened with Flor Peña, they began to censor many girls who upload sexy photos, but Wanda He didn’t kill a goat or anything, when she uploaded the photo, it was not from any platform… we did the cover of Caras here in Punta del Este recently and that photo was passed”, he clarified palacestrying to put out the flames of speculation that claimed that Nara now she was a creator of hot content on digital platforms.

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