Those who wanted a makeover between Harry and the rest of the English royal family will have to wait a little longer… At the start of the year, Meghan Markle’s husband is constantly talking about him because of the release of his Memoirs baptized Spare (The alternate editor’s note). In his book, the happy father of two children has decided to reveal countless family secrets to the great displeasure of the Firm.

We learn more about his past escapades, his old love stories or his violent arguments with members of his entourage… In particular with King Charles III or his brother Prince William. According to his words, the future king of England would have simply come out of his hinges by evoking his sister-in-law with his younger brother: “It all happened so fast. He grabbed me by the collar and knocked me to the ground. I landed on the dog bowl which cracked under my back, the sharp pieces. I stood there for a while, dazed, then I got up and told him to get out”.

Shock confidences that dent the perfect image of the future monarch. In any case, no one is spared in the work of Prince Harry. At Buckingham Palace, a crisis unit would have even been created to deal with the scandal. According to Katie Nicholl, the famous royal expert, the husband of Kate Middleton would be totally overwhelmed by the situation. “William is boiling and devastated because Harry did. And he just can’t forgive Harry for the things he wrote.” said the main interested party for Page Six.

This week, the DailyMail also revealed a rare snapshot of Kate Middleton at the wheel of her vehicle. According to our colleagues, the Princess of Wales was going to pick up her offspring at school. The pale face and drawn features, the sister of Pippa Middleton did not seem to be in top form. In this delicate period, his joie de vivre that we know him so well has visibly gone. Since joining the Windsors, the main interested party has been striving to be beyond reproach. Unsurprisingly, the revelations of his brother-in-law about him make a stain…


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